Angel Tuner

HOLIDAY SALE ITEM! Set of Three tuning forks in pouch.

The Angel Tuners are a unique set of three high pitched tuning forks in the Pythagorean Scale, also known as the Just Scale. These exquisite forks open our soul to the Angelic Kingdom. These tuners not only connect with the Angelic Kingdom, but also allow humans to become a conduit for transmitting and receiving energies between the Cosmos and the Earth via the Sun. It is said by the Toltec tradition that the Sun of our Solar system is the 2-way pipeline of information between the Cosmos the planet Earth. The Angel Tuners can amplify our connection to the Sun and our role as humans to partner with the Sun in the eternal cosmic conversation.

They are based on the 9th octave of the overtone series. In the overtone series, a fundamental tone creates a second tone and the second tone creates a third tone, etc. They ascend in pitch and simulate the archetypal energies of Jacob's Ladder, the Pillar of Light and the Stairway to Heaven.

They can be used individually or in groups to enhance meditations, and can be used to amplify the energies of crystals by toning the fork and placing the stem end of the fork on the crystal. You can use them individually or by gently tapping two together. Create an Angelic concert by holding several between your fingers and tapping them simultaneously.

For those familiar with Polarity Therapy, you can greatly enhance the 5-pointed Star energy pathways by placing 5 people, each with the Angel Tuners, at a person’s head, at each shoulder, and at each hip. Each person can tone their Angel Tuners and stroke the energy pathways of the 5-pointed star. Wonderful!

The set includes three forks in the following frequencies:

C - 4096 Hz Crystal Tuner
4160 Hz
4225 Hz

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