Coming to Our Senses

Coming to Our Senses by Harry F McKnight

Coming to Our Senses

by Harry F McKnight

This Special 10th/200th Edition, now revised and expanded, commemorates the 38th Anniversary year of the Silva Method Basic Lecture Series being offered to the public and the 228th Anniversary of the United States standing tall for freedom. It is fitting, then, that the Silva Method Series continues to be offered to the public world wide as a Dynamic Meditation System to help everyone empower themselves and their free agency.

Silva Method’s Dynamic System brings a balanced approach to people helping them through meditation and programming. The ability that each of us has to imagine and visualize at a meditative level and use that information for problem solving is being researched and implemented more than ever by healing arts specialists in all professional walks of life, including the medical field. In controlling our subjective abilities, we do control our bodies by focusing mind. And the results of using this inner focus are well being success, and abundance, all that is freedom’s birthright.

Graduates are also reporting improvements in business, education, and religion. In fact, the Silva Method is practical for all participants, regardless of age. In addition, Silva Method has successfully been shared in all points of the globe with varied cultures and in many different languages. Many graduates and students have asked for an introductory work that could be shared with friends concerning the Silva Method. They confessed that it was quite a challenge to sit with a friend over coffee or tea and discuss the Silva Method adequately. They frequently commented that it takes a qualified lecturer the two or three hours of an opening lecture to share even basic ideas intelligently.

In an attempt to meet that need the present brief work is offered.

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